Site Preparation and more

Excavation and earth work drainage improvement for Indianapolis IndianaWe offer many construction related excavation services like digging foundations for buildings and homes, earth moving and grading, pool deck excavation, site clearing and preparation. Our experienced crews do great work in all kinds of conditions. We are bonded contractors and have the gear to safely and effectively excavate, grade, clear, haul or otherwise prepare the ground for your site. Our equipment includes a dozer, large and small skid steers and a mini excavator. Many of these project involve concrete work too so C & R Concrete can be a great contractor such projects. If the job calls for dirt or earth work as well as decorative and regular poured concrete, you should contact us.

Drainage and Grading

The heavy rains tell you where you need drainage and we can change the ground to move the water away. We can do the rough grade and the final grade of your park, subdivision, home or business site preparation.

Our Services Include:

  • Excavation and foundations for houses and buildings
  • Construction of roads and parking lots
  • Infrastructure construction
  • Site clearing
  • General backhoe and bulldozing work
  • Removal of trees
  • General excavation and grading i.e. for drainage
  • Earth moving, rough grade and final grade
  • Excavation for utility trenches
  • Pool deck excavation and grading

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